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Let us tell you something about the way that many Christian Churches are working together in their community or on specific projects throughout the historic county of Nottinghamshire in the English Midlands...

As Churches Together in Nottinghamshire we work on behalf of many Churches to:

Sponsor Local Ecumenical Partnerships between the Christian Denominations;

Provide information exchange through printed and electronic bulletins, personal advice, support and encouragement.


Act as the formal link between local Churches Together Groups and all other Ecumenical Partnerships and the national resource and organisation, Churches Together in England.

Welcome to Churches Together in Nottinghamshire!

Who are we?

We are a group of people appointed by many of the Churches and Christian traditions in Nottinghamshire to represent them in a common forum for discussion, decision and action.

While each of us is committed to our own tradition, we are also committed to the idea of all Christians working more closely together and finding more strength, more opportunities, more success in our common mission for God as we share in all those things that we can.

In a world that has more than enough divisions, we recognise the things that still divide us, but proclaim our unity even in our diversity.

The Baptist Union
The Church of England
The Congregational Federation
The Full Gospel Revival Church
The Methodist Church
The Roman Catholic Church
The Salvation Army
The Society of Friends
The United Reformed Church

Can CTN help you?

We can

… if you want to swap views and experiences

… if you want to hear about national developments

… if you want to have a say in how the Church could be shaped for the future

… if you enjoy meeting others involved in local  ecumenical life

... if you are looking for ideas and resources

… if you value worshipping in new ways with Christians from other traditions

… if you have memories and hopes to pass on to the next generation

… if your enthusiasm for inter-church work could use a tonic

… if you believe the Church is an agent of Christ’s reconciliation in the world

… then… CTN wants to hear from you!

In our Partnerships, Church Leaders from each tradition that makes it up come together to induct and install the new minister to work on behalf of each of them.

Our Local Sponsors:

All Saints, Beckingham,

Home to one of our newest

ecumenical partnerships

Signing a new covenant

between two local congregations